Hardwood Care & Maintenance

How to protect your hardwoods from wear and tear.

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Where to start

Your hardwoods may look shiny and new now, but without proper care and maintenance, they'll dull noticeably. For that reason, we recommend you place doormats at all entryways and remove your shoes when you enter the house. Dirt and soil carried in from outside are the main cause of the wear and tear that dulls hardwoods. 

regular care

Doormats can keep most of the dirt outside where it belongs, but some will still get inside. Not to mention dust, pet hair, crumbs, and anything else that might end up on your floors. That's why you should vacuum, sweep, or dry mop your hardwoods once a week.

You may need to sweep high-traffic areas like hallways and the living room more frequently.

Spills & Stains

Sooner or later, no matter how careful you are, you're going to spill something on your beautiful hardwood floors. Luckily, most liquid spills can be cleaned up with nothing more than a damp cloth. But you have to clean them up quickly, otherwise you run the risk of a stain forming, leaving long-term discoloration. 

If you end up with a stain or a hard-to-clean spill, consult your manufacturer's guide for an approved cleaner.

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