CARPET Care & Maintenance

How to keep your carpet plush and fresh.

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Where to start

Your carpet was plush, clean, and bright when you bought it. Keep it that way with regular care and maintenance. To start, place doormats at your home's entryways. This will keep dirt on the outside where it belongs instead of trailing across your carpets. You may also want to place your heavy furniture on floor protectors to prevent damaging your carpet's fibers.

Regular Care

Establishing a regular care and maintenance routine is the best way to make sure your carpets retain their beauty for as long as possible. This should include vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner approved for carpets. You should vacuum at least once a week, but for heavy-traffic areas like hallways and the living room, you may have to vacuum daily. 

You should also consider having your carpets professionally deep-cleaned every two or so years.

Stains & Spills

Sooner or later, no matter how careful you are, you're going to spill on your carpets. Luckily, many of our carpets have built-in stainproof technology to minimize household messes. That makes it easy to address a spill, but you still have to clean it right away.

Most spills can be cleaned with a damp towel and some elbow-grease, but if you're left with a stain, you should use a cleaner approved by your manufacturer's guide.

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