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About Area Rugs

The right area rug can add a splash of color to a dull room, tie together eclectic decor, or make an empty space feel intimate. On top of that, area rugs even protect your floors from wear and tear. That's why we carry thousands of area rugs from brands like Karastan, Radici, Surya, and more!

Area Rug Benefits

The main draw of area rugs is their endless diversity. Whether your home is an open floor ranch or a three-story mansion, our inventory holds area rugs ideal for your style.

More than that, area rugs offer an extra layer of cushioning between your feet and the floor. This protects your floors from wear and tear in high-traffic spaces like the living room and hallways. 

About Area Rugs Pad

Rug pads are a necessary investment when you purchase a beautiful new area rug. Why? Because rug pads help to prevent the rug from bunching up and can enable the rug to better stay in place as people wall across. A sliding rug, in addition to looking sloppy, can actually scratch the floor beneath it.

For all of these reasons, rug pads are viewed as an essential and inexpensive add-on when purchasing a new area rug.

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